War & Terrorism

Fueling war

April 02, 2017

In the last six months, Liam Fox and Theresa May have been on a whistle-stop tour of authoritarian regimes chasing trade deals. We should be aware of Britain's new Brexit allies

The Independent

Expanding arms exports

January 27, 2017

UK’s £100m weapons deal with Turkey ‘turns blind eye to rights abuse’

The Guardian

Risking the UK's security

September 06, 2016

The British Government continue to sell arms to parts of the world that most immediately threatens our security

The Independent

The rise of ISIS

September 12, 2016

David Cameron ‘ultimately responsible’ for Libya collapse and the rise of Isis, Commons report concludes

The Independent

Army cuts

January 22, 2017

The British Army is at its smallest due to years of budget cuts and has been left with just one war-fighting brigade

The Independent

Amber Rudd arming Saudi Arabia

June 03, 2017

[VIDEO] Amber Rudd can't deal with an independent candidate speaking about her involvement in selling weapons to Saudi Arabia so she gets his speech shut down at the hustings in her constituency of Hastings and Rye

Britain's weapons sold around the world

September 04, 2016

Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world

The Independent

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