This project is the idea of a junior doctor, who has experienced first hand the effects of government cuts, the undemocratic privatisation of the health service and deliberate undermining of NHS staff and values. It is supported by friends and NHS colleagues and funded by hundreds of people who feel the same way. The NHS is only the tip of the iceberg as legal aid diminishes, as well as social care and disability benefits, education, policing and fire services. A two-tier society is being created, where care and justice are turning into luxuries for the rich. And whilst the rich increase their wealth, poverty and homelessness are at record highs, and people and communities are feeling left behind.

Now we have Brexit, a product of misinformation and false promises from the Leave campaign and the popular right-wing papers (The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express and The Telegraph). And Nigel Farage has cotinued this approach, using populism (a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups) and nationalism to drum up support and to further his own political career. Farage tries to paint himself as a 'man of the people', anti-elite, but he's one of them.


The sad truth is, Brexit has divided our country, it is damaging our economy and NHS, and it won't improve the lives of the majority of people who voted for it.

Since 2010, this Conservative government has been taking advantage of the nation, including many of their own voters. It is misappropriating their ideals and using underhand tactics to justify the austerity measures that are so damaging to our communities and is the underlying reason why so many people voted Leave. Unfortunately, the Conservative Party is hugely assisted by the popular media organisations, who support them and their values and try to convince us they are in our best interests.

Unless you are in the top 5% of earners Conservative policies are not in your interests, and even then it is only a short-term gain, at the expense of your fellow citizens, which is not what most people want – rich or not. The long-term consequences of our current government has lead to a social and economic environment that isn't good for any of us. Many of the greatest minds and wealthiest business people understand the importance of a healthy, content, and educated population, which contributes to economic growth, prosperity and a friendly society to live in.

Austerity is the failing economic policy being advanced by this Conservative government and with this we see the following:


  • Cuts and privatisation of our public services and NHS

  • Polarisation of wealth (big rich and poor divide)

  • Slow economic growth

  • Rising unemployment

  • Rising homelessness

  • Inadequate and expensive essential services – energy, transport

  • Political instability (e.g. Brexit)


We are also seeing a resurgence of xenophobia and scapegoating by some politicians and media e.g. the blaming of immigrants and the EU for the problems in our society when it is far from the truth. Immigrants are predominantly young, healthy and in work. They staff our hospitals, look after our elderly and contribute more in taxation to help pay for our public services than they use. We have an ageing population with an inadequate birthrate to supply our workforce; we need immigrants to help our country work. And the current pressures on housing and our public services are the result of austerity and government policy, not population size.


The causes of our problems are complex; but those in power are happy to blame others and hide the truth, in order to maintain power. We’re being told it’s strong but its wrong. We’re being told it’s stable when we are at the most uncertain, divided and misguided moment this generation has ever faced.

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