School budget cuts

May 21, 2017

98% of schools will have per-pupil funding cut

School Cuts

Teachers being laid off

March 21, 2018

One in three headteachers cuts back on staff due to school funding pressures, survey says

The Independent

Teachers ‘£5,000 a year worse off

September 01, 2017

...due to Conservative cuts. Study finds 1% pay cap has eroded salaries and hit recruitment

The Guardian

First education cuts since 1990s

February 27, 2017

Teachers say they are leaving the profession because they cannot do their jobs due to budget cuts

The Independent

Increasing class sizes

March 31, 2017

More than half of schools forced to increase class sizes as a result of underfunding

The Independent

School forced to reduce hours

April 25, 2017

Birmingham school forced to close 30 minutes earlier each day due to cuts

Birmingham Mail

Teachers leaving

February 24, 2017

Schools are reaching a crisis point. Teacher training places are going unfilled

The Independent

Teachers planning to quit

March 22, 2016

43% of the state school teachers polled said they were planning to leave the profession in the next five years

The Guardian

Rising tuition fees

April 27, 2017

Universities given permission to increase tuition fees every year

The Independent

Cutting class trips

March 10, 2017

Cash-strapped schools axing classes and cutting back on trips, headteachers say

The Independent

Teacher shortages

May 21, 2017

Guardian articles discussing teacher shortages and struggling schools

The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn for free tuition fees

May 01, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to end student tuition fees is far from barmy

The Guardian

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