Russian donations

November 06, 2019

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party have received a surge in cash from Russian donors

Business Insider

Russia and Brexit

November 04, 2019

The U.K. government will not be releasing a report into whether Russia tried to interfere in British politics until after the country's general election


Conservatives & corruption

August 04, 2015

Just how corrupt is the British government? Conflicts of interest, donations, private healthcare on to find out


Vested intersts

July 10, 2012

Over 70 MPs Connected to Companies Involved in Private Healthcare

Social Investigations

Conservative MP values

July 29, 2019

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s senior advisor, states "Tory MPs largely do not care about these poorer people. They don’t care about the NHS."



The Brexiters who put their money offshore

November 09, 2017

Rees-Mogg’s hedge fund, Somerset Capital Management, is managed via subsidiaries in the tax havens of the Cayman Islands and Singapore

The Guardian

Broken promises

May 05, 2017

20 promises the Conservatives have broken since being elected

The Mirror

More broken promises

November 05, 2019

Government fails to deliver a single ‘starter home’ despite 200,000 pledge



Theresa May cover-up

October 18, 2016

Theresa May accused of cover-up over child abuse inquiry concerns

The Independent

Tax avoidance

April 22, 2018

Jeremy Hunt avoids £100,000 stamp duty by exploiting Tory tax loophole and buying flats in bulk

The Mirror

Election fraud

June 01, 2017

Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay charged over Tory election fraud investigation

The Independent

Going back in time

September 05, 2017

Jacob Rees-Mogg, tipped to succeed Theresa May as PM, is opposed to gay marriage and abortion – even after rape

The Guardian

Conservatives & corruption

November 06, 2013

Tory MP Brian Binley admits at party: We are all totally corrupt

The Metro


July 23, 2018

Government gives last-minute go-ahead to UK fracking site despite of opposition from local residents. Fracking is terrible for the environment

The Independent

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